cktrl interview: Composing an immersive soundscape for I ♥ Campbell

cktrl interview: Composing an immersive soundscape for I ♥ Campbell

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The south London artist on how he madeup an climatic accompaniment for Addy’s immersive exhibit at 180 Studios.

cktrl is multi-instrumentalist and manufacturer Bradley Miller, whose mix of electronicdevices, saxophone, strings and vocals integrate with components of jazz, R&B and ambient music in a deeply individual design. His mostcurrent job was to develop a soundscape for ICampbell, the brand-new exhibit focusing on Miller’s goodfriend and partner, London professionalphotographer Campbell Addy, who shot the cover for cktrl’s Zero EP.

“The exhibit is called ICampbell so I centred it around various sensations of love and not always the normal stories that we put around it,” Miller informs Fact. “So often it’s the relationship of love with yourself, with others, likewise with your feelings and where you are at specific points. You love yourself inadifferentway depending on what stateofmind you’re in.”

In this interview, Miller goesover how he approached producing the soundscape for ICampbell, which was created as an immersive experience alongwith set designer Ibby Njoya, who curated the exhibit’s spatial style. ICampbell includes 36 initial pieces consistingof photography, paintings and a brand-new movie shot on place in Ghana.

I ❤ Campbell runs till 4 June,2023 Tickets are offered now from the 180 The Strand website.

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