Interview: Richard Mosse

The Irish artist on his important work Broken Spectre, which files the ecological damage at the frontline of the environment crisis. Filmed in remote parts of the Brazilian Amazon, Richard Mosse’s Broken Spectre is the outcome of 5 years of mindful documents of ecological criminalactivities utilizing a variety of clinical imaging innovations. Seeking to gottenridof the intrinsic […]

United Visual Artists: Polyphony

UVA’s Matt Clark on their “monument to nature past set in the not too remote future”. Polyphony, proving now at 180 Studios as part of the Synchronicity exhibit, is United Visual Artists’ 2nd cooperation with bioacoustician Bernie Krause after The Great Animal Orchestra (2016), a work that set recordings of animals in their natural environments […]

Truth Premiere: Hexorcismos Presents MUTUALISMX: Kloxii Li & Hypereikon – Anhaga

Hypereikon kind mythopoetic minerals and speculative artefacts from the textural sounds of Kloxii Li, the veryfirst glance of MUTUALISMX, a planetary-spanning brand-new job from Hexorcismos. MUTUALISMX getshere as a conclusion of the multidisciplinary experimentation of Moisés Horta Valenzuela, muchbetter understood as Hexorcismos. For the last 7 years the artist and technologist has worked with generative synthetic […]

Truth Mix: Chuquimamani-Condori

With a mix called ‘Bethlehem’, Chuquimamani-Condori marks a cacophonous and cathartic close to the year. E Crampton Chuquimia is one of the most silently era-defining artists of their generation. Ever giventhat their early music as E+E and the release of their modern-day traditional launching, American Drift, they have continued to checkout and brighten the complexities […]

Interview: Carsten Nicolai

The visual artist and artist on his imaginative practice and fascination with electro-magnetic waves. Carsten Nicolai is a uneasy scientist, continuously upgrading his own sculptures, video and noise setups, or, under his name Alva Noto, his musical output. Nicolai’s video setup unicolor featured as a vital part of the LUX exhibit, held at 180 Studios in2021 An […]

Yagamoto x United Visual Artists

A physical analysis of the Chromatic setup’s expedition of the consistency of type, colour and noise. For this unique efficiency, motion director and 180 Studios citizen Yagamoto immersed himself inside Chromatic, one of the lotsof striking works inside United Visual Artists’ Synchronicity exhibit. Chromatic is motivated by chromeosthesis, a type of synesthesia where noise stimulates […]

Reality Mix: Jossy Mitsu

Jossy Mitsu corrals bass weight and razor-sharp noise style for her extremely initially production mix. Jossy Mitsu has regularly shown herself one of the UK’s most relentless skills. A prodigious digger from the age of 15 and a DJ from the age of 18, her abilities as a selector are undeniable, as evidenced by her […]

Interview: Hito Steyerl & Lawrence Lek

Hito Steyerl and Lawrence Lek goover the ramifications of deep knowing AI for the practicing visual artist. London-based Lawrence Lek is an artist working in the fields of virtual truth and simulation, recognized for his continuous series of CGI movies, soundtracks, videogames and setups, lotsof of them set within his own thoroughly understood and ever-expanding […]

Spot Notes: Caterina Barbieri

The Italian synthesist takes us to the leading of Mount Etna for a unique live efficiency. For this episode of Patch Notes, we tookatrip with Caterina Barbieri to Sicily and taped a session near the top of Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Amidst bubbling lava streams, Barbieri carriedout live variations of […]

United Visual Artists: Present Shock

How UVA developed a sense of details overload inside the Synchronicity exhibit. Present Shock is the veryfirst setup cameacross in Synchronicity, United Visual Artists’ biggest program to date. The work has its roots in UVA’s launching task, a partnership with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja that supplied the scenography for their 100th Window tour in 2003. In this brand-new […]