Public criticism for five-storey retirement apartmentorcondos in Merimbula

Light and sound contamination, traffic control and ecological effects are some of the issues raised at a neighborhood conference in Merimbula over a proposed advancement for elders’ living. Key points:An 89-unit advancement for seniorcitizens is being examined by the Bega Valley Shire CouncilOver 100 citizens fulfilled to talkabout concerns about the proposition last nightThe DA is […]

An Trinse traces a psychedelic history of ancient innovation in Humic Acid Regress

An Trinse sets a swirling soundscape of hypnotic drones, toppling synthesis and double bass, courtesy of Maxwell Sterling, versus stroboscopic pieces of 3D makings of ancient websites, rough, monochromatic fractals stamped with ancient glyphs and ancient, science fiction schematics. As An Trinse, Northern Irish audiovisual artist Stephen McLaughlin reckons with the cultural history of Ireland […]

Drug slows Alzheimer’s however can it make a genuine distinction?

An experimental Alzheimer’s drug modestly slowed the brain disease’s inevitable worsening — but the anxiously awaited new data leaves unclear how much difference that might make in people’s lives.Japanese drugmaker Eisai and its U.S. partner Biogen had announced earlier this fall that the drug lecanemab appeared to work, a badly needed bright spot after repeated…

Bonded by catastrophe, Uvalde, Oxford High School shooting survivors unify in delight

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