Why Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg, other celebs desire to buy the Ottawa Senators

Why Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg, other celebs desire to buy the Ottawa Senators

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OTTAWA, Ontario — While some hockey fans might be stunned by several stars dealingwith off for a minority ownership stake in the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, specialists who researchstudy the organization of sport state the possibility stands to lift the group’s profile to brand-new heights. It is likewise seen as a safe method for stars to park their cash.

Vancouver-born star Ryan Reynolds and rapartist Snoop Dogg have both verified their interest, while Toronto recording artist The Weeknd has supposedly likewise tossed his hat into the ring.

For movie or music stars interested in owning a expert sports group, the chance just doesn’t come around typically, stated Michael Naraine, partner teacher of sport management at Brock University.

“When you believe about expert sport, it is a cartel-like system. There are just 32 groups, just 32 seats,” he informed The Canadian Press. “Teams like the Ottawa Senators, even however they’ve neverever won the Stanley Cup and they are not doing so hot momentum-wise on the ice, they’re still extremely longedfor. That’s the kind of inspiration for why celebs are now desiring to get into sports ownership.”

The board of directors of Senators Sports & Entertainment started the procedure to sell the group last November after the death of owner Eugene Melnyk earlier that year. Melnyk left the franchise to his children, Anna and Olivia.

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