Spot Notes: Atomised Listening

Spot Notes: Atomised Listening

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Paul Cousins provides a multi-channel, interactive setup in which the listener endsupbeing the entertainer.

Paul Cousins is a author and noise artist from London who utilizes vintage reel-to-reel tape makers and impacts to loop and improve his electronic productions. “I like utilizing consecutive phases to produce music, and I’m interested in how technological restrictions can modification the innovative procedure,” he informs Fact. Cousins was one of the veryfirst factors to our Patch Notes series back in 2020, and in this efficiency he returns with a efficiency of his brand-new setup, Atomised Listening.

Atomised Listening is the concept of music being apparently detached minutes rather than a merged structure, a principle by Theodor Adorno,” Cousins describes. “Using tape makers, I desired to develop a multi-channel, asynchronous work along these lines that is participatory. With this setup, the tape loops are the ‘atoms’  and the listener endsupbeing the performer, actively engaging in the experience. The structure progresses till the next user communicates with the work, utilizing the blending desk.”

In Atomised Listening, Cousins objectives to checkout our relationship with outdated innovation by repurposing the initial function of the tape device. “1/4″ tape has a particular character, and typically includes flaws that I’m interested in highlighting,” Cousins states. “It’s motivating to hear a recording format’s impact on a structure, and I delightin leaning into the constraints of tape rather than browsing for subjective excellence.”

Atomised Listening was tape-recorded at The Cause in London, utilizing 5 Akai reel-to-reel devices from the 1960s and ’70s, a Roland Space Echo RE-201 and a TEAC M-30 blending desk. “I required 5 to develop thi

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