Function: things blue

Function: things blue

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An creative intervention from the pages of Fact’s print edition, produced by item blue and Natalia Podgórska.

Together, artist things blue and visual artist Natalia Podgórska haveactually constructed their own world from the inside out–a universe produced through the story that item blue is the ‘source of details that lateron constructs life. ’Their universe ,which takes type in this unique creative intervenion for Fact, is item blue’s 3rd partnership with her otherhalf and imaginative partner, following FIGUREBESIDEME (2019) and Grotto(2021). Through item blue’s music and Podgórska’s accompanying visuals, the set are on a objective to discover the routines that perpetuate the indisputable cycle of life and death.

This function was initially released in Fact’s F/W 2021 concern, which is readilyavailable to purchase here.

object blue’s ethereal macrocosm is stuck in a consistent procedure of transformation. Podgórska shapes her world, piece by piece, costs hours building sonically processed images that imitate noise waves and presume the type of fungal structures, crystals and coral reefs that grow and inhabit the land.

This design stems from Podgórska’s interest in group looks and palpable 3D graphics that intertwine colour and texture to symbolise development. In the set’s world, small, detailed vines bind with crystalised clusters to kind mathematical structures that buildup to develop a series of communities.

Dress created by Oliver Fairhurst
Dress created by Mia Chambers

In the opening scene for the sci-fi scary movie Prometheus (2012), a pale-bodied humanoid alien consumes a black, ink-like option in a routine that will sacrifice his presence in exchange for life on earth. Upon intake, the dark and fatal fluid courses through the alien’s veins, its journey noticeable underneath his clear skin. The animal’s body starts to shatter, fracturing into splintering pieces as his DNA breaksdown. His extraterresrial body is torn apart, limb by limb, as he falls into the waterfall listedbelow.

In the water, hairs of his DNA disperse and then swirl with the water’s circulation, reconnecting to develop a brand-new kind of life on earth that will provide birth to humanity. The facility of the movie, which was the primary motivation for item blue and Podgórska’s initial contribution of the F/W 2021 problem of Fact, is that in order to produce, insomecases you needto initially damage.

Dress created by Reen Kg
Dress developed by Jamie Challinor

Throughout the set’s visual chronicle, things blue’s environments and clothing breakdown. Each garment, in its initial type, begins off as a more stunning, comprehensive piece before slowly liquifying and decomposing with time, ultimately endingupbeing removed down and flesh-like as the threads bind with their host and surrounding environment. ‘The more my body breaksdown, the more fancy the environment endsupbeing, as if one world is being finished,’ things blue describes.

At the last phase of the cycle, things blue has concluded the shedding procedure. She is covered in a single layer of torn, knitted material that is ridden with holes, in contrast with the bed of roses below her. Here item blue reaches what Podgórska calls the ‘Goddess’ phase, comparing item blue’s look in the last phase to her post-gig aura — radiant, transcendent, and radiating fulfillment. ‘It’s a transcendental procedure, ’object blue confesses, referencing carryingout.‘ I’m the finest variation of myself when I’m making music. Nothing can touch me.’

Dress developed by Izabella Bilinska
Dress created by Johannes Swarkes

This function was initially released in Fact’s F/W 2021 concern, which is offered to purchase here.

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