Reality Mix: Tati au Miel

Reality Mix: Tati au Miel

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Tati au Miel winds through the sounds of their fantastical world.

Haitian-born, Montreal-raised DJ, manufacturer, author and designer Tati au Miel is one of a brand-new generation of artists shaping electronic and speculative music in their own image. Citing Moor Mother, Crystallmess, Dreamcrusher, Merzbow, Keji Haino and Klein as secret affects, they relocation within the tradition of fellow sonic critics Bobby Beethoven and Juliana Huxtable, breaking guidelines, ruining dancefloors and blowing minds while paying tribute to the neighborhoods from which their art resonates. For Tati au Miel this is a procedure of cacophony and catharsis. “Exorcism has an typically unfavorable undertone,” they describe. “I desired to see it as a favorable and spiritual renewal.”

“There are referrals in my art to the queer, trans, LGBT neighborhood, as well as to gender-fluid Black individuals, that bring a lot of positivity to my individual experience.” Their Fact mix is a testimony to this spirit, drifting hugely inbetween category and stateofmind, yet insomeway ticking off whatever Fact hasactually held dearest ever because this series started. Opening on the tearful, autotune lament of young visionary Babyxsosa, we wind through ones to watch, like Colby HNT, nudo and Ãssia Ghendir, aliases of company favourites, like Cities Aviv’s African-American Sound Recordings task and a scorched-earth live recording of Dreamcrusher’s Centennial Gardens, as well as the bewitching mind-melt of Tati au Miel’s own structures.

Aphex Twin and Hyperdub are present and appropriate, clearly, in the acid-dipped melancholy of the previous’s ‘The Waxen Pith’ and Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Stolen Kiss of a Succubus,’ an ethereal rumination on the yearning of classical poems of Arab females. Here, too, are shortlived minutes Fact’s mix series has lookedfor to enshrine in current years, like the haunting creep of West Javan gamelan into Ms. Carrie Stacks intimate invocation to psychological vulnerability, ‘A Friend,’ or Klein’s spirallic ‘care about us’ blurring into Lauren Duffus’s virtuosic mix of the everlasting ‘Hard In Da Paint’ and the skyrocketing crucial of her own track ‘Sick’, one of the most interesting pieces of music we’ve heard in years. It’s all here, in the fantastical world of Tati au Miel.

You can discover Tati au Miel on Instagram, Bandcamp and on NTS, where she hosts N/A alongwith Embaci. Their brand-new EP, Carousel, which includes Embaci, nudo and CECILIA, is out now on Halcyon Veil.


Babyxsosa – ‘I’m Over This Level Of Life, My Love’ 
African-American Sound Recordings – ‘Our Loneliness May Evaporate The Masses’
Colby HNT – ‘Siren Song’
Diles Que No Me Maten – ‘Intro’ 
nudo – ‘Unreleased’ 
Tati au Miel – ‘Tati’s acapella’ 
Centennial Gardens – ‘Dreamstate (Live)’ 
Aphex Twin – ‘The Waxen Pit’
Fatima Al Qadiri – ‘Stolen Kiss of a Succubus’ 
Ãssia Ghendir – ‘Antimony (sb51)’ 
Tati au Miel, nudo – ‘Carousel’ 
Ida Widawati, Euis Komariah, Jugala – ‘Lutung Bingung’
Ms. Carriestacks – ‘A Friend’
Playboi Carti – ‘Location (Slowed & Reverb)’ 
Klein – ‘care about us’
Lauren Duffus – ‘LAUREN DUFFUS X HARD IN THE PAINT unfortunate n sadder’ 
Beneviolence – ‘Always 2’ 
Crystallmess – ‘The devil is a lie !’ 
Reelle – ‘Dreamer’ 
Tati au Miel – ‘My heart [Feat. Cecilia]’ 

Our veryfirst mix of 2024 will be the last mix of this series in its existing type. After 16 years of blends, Fact’s pioneering music program will no longer continue in its curre

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