Spot Notes: Caterina Barbieri

Spot Notes: Caterina Barbieri

The Italian synthesist takes us to the leading of Mount Etna for a unique live efficiency.

For this episode of Patch Notes, we tookatrip with Caterina Barbieri to Sicily and taped a session near the top of Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Amidst bubbling lava streams, Barbieri carriedout live variations of ‘At Your Gamut’ and ‘Terminal Clock’, taken from her 2022 album, Spirit Exit.

The session was recorded as part of our current documentary on Barbieri, which followed the Italian artist as she returned to live efficiency following the pandemic and debuted the light-years principle around Europe. “I like to believe of noise as a spiral that links the physical world with the esoteric world,” she discusses in the movie.

Barbieri’s music, which integrates modular synthesis, vocals and other instrumentation, has developed throughout anumberof albums consistingof Patterns of Consciousness and Ecstatic Computation. On 16 June, Barbieri will release a sibling album to Spirit Exit entitled Myuthafoo, which was mainly composed while exploring with a procedure that reacted to the “nomadic, interactive energy” of life on the roadway.

Follow Caterina Barbieri on Instagram and pre-order Myuthafoo here.


Directed and produced by Pedro S. Küster
Extra video by Sofia Küster
Sound by Caterina Barbieri

Special thanks to Parco dell’Etna, Regione Siciliana, Ministero dell’Ambiente, Federpa

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