Truth Mix: Olan Monk

Truth Mix: Olan Monk

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Olan Monk assembles a soundtrack for escape, an tribute to the music of their youth.

Olan Monk is one of the minds behind C.A.N.V.A.S., the occasion series and record label that hasactually been one of the most trusted sources for boundary-probing, mind-expanding speculative music because it was established in2018 Alongside Lugh O’Neill, Monk hasactually made an global neighborhood of some of the most exploratory artists and artists presently woking, consistingof 33 (Billy Bultheel and Alexander Iezzi), Alpha Maid, Elvin Brandhi, Michael Speers and Xao. Each one of these artists functions in their Fact mix, a winding assemblage of the sounds of Monk’s past and present. “This mix is an envisioned soundtrack to a drive out of the city, along the shoreline and into the hills,” they describe.

“It’s the music I’ve been listening to on the roadway and getting back into the studio on return from a current trip of live efficiencies. It functions goodfriends and household from the past 5 years of C.A.N.V.A.S. records and occasions.” Unfolding as a soundtrack of escape, loose and complete of area and chance, the mix likewise serves as an tribute to the sounds Olan Monk surrounded themselves with growing up. “There’s a strong impact from the bands I grew up listening to in the remote west of Ireland, typically picturing I was someplace else,” Monk continues. “The mix likewise includes modern artists who are making efforts to discover methods to make brand-new electronic music cumulative and important onceagain.”

Submerging us in a queasy decay of Queens of The Stone Age priorto pitching us forward into an unreleased demonstration that shares in the DNA of their necessary ADVERTISEMENT93 dubplate, all shredded guitar loop, crushed percussive clatter and soft synth swell, Olan Monk swirls developmental music together with their brand-new sounds. C.A.N.V.A.S. product is positioned front-and-centre, sewed together with tracks from kindred spirits and secret affects, a puckish mix of The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Quiet’ and Mica Levi’s everlasting ‘Love,’ individual remodels of a coupleof cult classics and a haunting variation of Connemara keening requirement ‘Amhrán Na Trá Báine.’ It’s as though Olan Monk is moving through an option history of their own Irish musical custom, in which the broadening reach of C.A.N.V.A.S. is routed back through west Ireland and out onceagain to the world.

You can discover Olan Monk on Instagram, Bandcamp and at their site.


Queens of The Stone Age – ‘A Song For The Dead’ (OM Edit)
Olan Monk – ‘Unknown’ (Demo)
Xao – ‘Ophanim Plushie’
Alpha Maid – ‘SUM1’
Baptist Goth & Boniface – ‘Extempore (Excerpt)’
Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Quiet’
Mica Levi – ‘Love’
Moin – ‘Knuckle’
James K – ‘Life Of A Fly’
Olan Monk & Maria Somerville – ‘Unknown’
Dies Lexic – ‘Birds Are Wind Vessels And We Blow’
Unknown – ‘Unknown’
Actress – ‘Shadow from Tartarus’
Lucy Ra

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