Truth Mix: Tadleeh

Truth Mix: Tadleeh

Tadleeh bends her sustaining love for breaks and bass.

The Indian-born, Italy-based artist, manufacturer and DJ Hazina Francia hasactually been moving within some of the most prominent circles of the European electronic progressive for over a years. Initially putting out a run of important releases as Petit Singe for Milanese critics Haunter Records, which saw her teasing out a discussion inbetween her Indian heritage and her love of the inmost, darkest techno and UK club music, Francia launched her veryfirst track as Tadleeh on the modern-day traditional 2019 Haunter collection, permanently. Since then she hasactually launched on Why Be’s Yegorka and Nkisi’s INITIATION, been remixed by Crystallmess and Slikback and contributed to YOUTH’s precious SPORTS collection series, debuting brand-new product at YOUTH’s August display at London cultural organization Cafe OTO that has us really thrilled .

The through line for Francia’s numerous tasks is her love of the universal noise of breaks and bass, a sonic language she probes, twists and inverts in her extremely emotive technique to arrestingly visceral noise style. With her Fact mix, she provides comprehensive choice of artists who speak the exactsame language, recording underground club energy while highlighting kindred spirit experimenters, consistingof Katatonic Silentio, Significant Other and Kaval, UK club pillars Interplanetary Criminal, Anz and Objekt, as well as emerging skills DiSKOP, label and syz. It’s a mix for the heads played from the heart, tunes from the basement, for the basement.

You can discover Tadleeh on Instagram and Bandcamp.


Katatonic Silentio – ‘To’
Significant Other – ‘Delos’
DiSKOP – ‘Cutter’
Fillimonov – ‘Hi Herbie’
Blood Trust – ‘Give Them Rope’
Interplanetary Criminal – ‘Gangster Time’ [Feat. Killa P]
nickname – ‘T for Tremendous’
Tristan Arp – ‘Panspecies Rights’
Syz – ‘Earworm BP022’
Ja Loopman – ‘Everybody Dead’
Hassan Abou Alam – ‘Fasla’
Kaval – ‘Moving Lianas’
Bakongo – ‘Tribal Warrior’
Anz – ‘Stepper’
Rapoon – ‘Tremors’
Objekt – ‘Porcupine’

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