Truth Mix: YL Hooi & Tarquin Manek

Truth Mix: YL Hooi & Tarquin Manek

YL Hooi and Tarquin Manek unwind the best comedown for the heatwave fever dream.

Valya Ying-Li Hooi, the artist otherwise understood as YL Hooi, and Tarquin Manek are both necessary shapers of a noise that has emerged from the Melbourne / Naarm underground over the last 5 years. Playing within a borderless environment of artists, consistingof HTRK’s Jonnine Standish, Carla dal Forno and CS & Kreme’s Sam Karmel, under a range of various aliases, such as Kallista Kult, Silzedrek and Static Cleaner Lost Reward, and as part of numerous groups and collectives, like Bum Creek, F ingers and Tar Car, both YL Hooi and Tarquin Manek influence and broaden the work of the other, penetrating muchdeeper into their shared web of impact.

Following the feedback loops inbetween Melbourne and Manchester, Berlin and Bristol, the set entwine twisted folk, head-trip jazz, knotted electronicdevices and thick dub into brand-new, varying types, finding visceral sensuality in amniotic throb and saturated clearness in hypnotic blur. Their Fact mix is a fitting synthesis of these aspects, 45 minutes of what they explain as “purled and pearled,” folding group A into Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell, Chunky into Astrid Sonne, and John T. Gast into Pessimist alias Stigma, overdubbed with Tarquin’s own virtuosic clarinet drones.

“Spider lives in here,” the duo compose in an enigmatic poem accompanying the mix. “Webs out of winterseason into the spring / splice into you; Streets Splice pine lime ice / – however too cold to consume today.” Tripped out and tapped in, it’s the ideal comedown for the heatwave fever dream.

You can discover YL Hooi on Instagram and Bandcamp. You can discover Tarquin Manek on Instagram and Bandcamp.


Act Now (Tarquin Manek & James Vinciguerra) – ‘Last Drop Of Golden Liquid’
group A – ‘Circulation’ / Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell – ‘Voice of the Silence’
Omen – ‘Bucket Rain’
Genghis Cohn – ‘Job’s Knife (Forbidden Version)’
Eric Dolphy – ‘God Bless The Child’ / ET Vascular – ‘Animaison’
ET Vascular – ‘Toulouse Sausage’
Scutal & Bogues – ‘Skinwalker Instrumental’
Chunky – ‘Yes I’
Astrid Sonne – ‘How Far’
Tolerance – ‘Misa (Gig’s Tapes in “C

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