Truth Premiere: KETTAMA – Fly Away XTC

Truth Premiere: KETTAMA – Fly Away XTC

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KETTAMA and filmmakers Hugh Mulhern and Ed Fay follow a deceptive cult of alien hunters around Galway.

“What’s the story with the mad paranormal vibes in your gaff?” So starts Irish filmmaker Hugh Mulhern‘s enigmatic visual for the skyrocketing rave monolith ‘Fly Away XTC’ from Galway’s own KETTAMA. Finding extraterrestrial secret in the transcendent fondmemories of the centrepiece of the manufacturer and DJ’s EP Fallen Angel, Mulhern signsupwith requires with Ed Fay for a wondrous examination into a deceptive cumulative of followers with their sights set directly on the skies. “We hadactually been hearing a lot about UFO sightings consideringthat lockdown endingupbeing more regular in Ireland and desired to examine it,” discuss Mulhern and Fay. “The music video is sort of a teaser for a much bigger job inbetween myself and Ed on UFO sightings in Ireland.” Collating video gathered over the course of a week invested with the group’s members, as well as interviews with previous members of the group, the filmmakers file a series of summoning routines, tracing the connections inbetween Celtic images, illustrated otherwise in tattoos, crop circles and in the tire skids of their souped-up custom-mades.

Aligning the loose liberty of rave and the sparkling optimism of ’90s hypnotictrance with faith in the unidentified and belief in something larger, Mulhern and Fay tap into KETTAMA’s invocation of the openness of his youth. “Fallen Angel is motivated by the sensation of fondmemories I had when I utilized to listen to traditional hypnotictrance tracks throughout my moreyouthful years,” KETTAMA shows. Grandiose beliefs of peace, love, unity and regard are imbued within the cumulative’s contact with unidentified entities. When asked to recall stated contact, one of the group’s member’s remembers the message got as: “behind the exterior of your life there is something lovely.” Another ex-member discovers a more knowable face of this power in the earth itself. “The just thing I really think in and praise is mom nature,” he asserts. “Because it’s unquestionably. It can’t be doubtedly.” United in a shared belief in something huge

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