Truth Selects: Forest Swords – ‘The Low’

Truth Selects: Forest Swords – ‘The Low’

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Matthew Barnes declares his veryfirst Forest Swords album because 2017 with a journey into his visual world.

In the video for ‘The Low’ – the veryfirst single from UK manufacturer Forest Swords’ upcoming album Bolted – director Sam Wiehl broadens on the artwork and visual world that accompanies the record through brilliant animation.

“‘The Low’ was based on a beat I’d initially meant for Yoko Ono, and includes components I made both at the start and end of the album, so connects together a lot of the sounds and feelings I was checkingout throughout the composing procedure,” states Forest Swords.

Forest Swords – aka Matthew Barnes – has invested the past coupleof years composing music for ballet, movie and video videogames. The album showsup on October 20 an

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