13 Shocking Coincidences That Made UnitedStates Believe in Fate

13 Shocking Coincidences That Made UnitedStates Believe in Fate

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Certain people hold the conviction that if an event is destined to unfold, the universe will manage its positioning to ensure its awareness. While some coincidences can be casually dismissed as mere mishaps, some defy traditional descriptions. The individuals in our post were fortunate adequate to witness fate steppingin in their life and altering it for the muchbetter.

  • I used to get 2 buses home from work. I got off the veryfirst one havingactually left my phone and secrets on the front seat of the bus without understanding. Got on the 2nd bus, went to my favoured front seat, and my possessions that I didn’t understand were missingouton were waiting for me. The bus had altered motorist and path. Still freaks me out to this day. © bigphazell / Reddit
  • In freshman Physics, I became buddies with the Japanese kid next to me… After a while, he was assisting me with my Japanese research. But after that class, we kinda wandered apart. Fast forward 2 years and I’m an exchange trainee in Japan over the summerseason and doing some sightseeing in Kyoto after the program… I’m crossing the street in Kyoto and I hear my name being called out. I look around and there he is! Thousands of miles apart we meet onceagain. We got some great food together. It was a blast. (No, his hometown was not Kyoto, he was likewise doing sightseeing while home for the summertime). © blackbird2150 / Reddit
  • I met a Canadian guy while on holiday in South America and we ended up going sightseeing together. At the end of the day, a person behind us tapped him on the shoulder and asked if the scar behind his ear was from cancer surgicaltreatment. They got talking. Turns out they were from the exactsame little town in Canada, had the verysame type of brain cancer, and hadactually been run on by the verysame cosmeticsurgeon. © falconfile / Reddit

  • In grade 10 English class, the instructor didn’t have anything prepared for us to do and it was close to the end of the year I guess, so she went to the huge cabinet in the corner and pulled out a stack of copies. It’s examples of a successful essay composed throughout a final test, so we can discover what a good one looks like, how to build a narrative, etc. The subject of these was What was the most essential minute of your life?
    There are 3 examples, varying in proficiency. We read through the veryfirst 2, and I offered to read the last one aloud. I start reading… and I stop. The essay was about… me. My big sis hadactually gotten a really great mark 6 years earlier on her last examination essay which she composed about the day I was born. I got quite psychological about that one. © intersnatches / Reddit
  • I was sitting in a restaurant about 200 miles from where I live informing my mother (who was checkingout from a different nation) about a trip I had to another nation (about 6000 miles away) with a work coworker, and the girl at the table next to us leans over and states ’I believe you’re talking about my son.’ Turns out I was sitting next to my colleague’s momsanddads while revealing my mum photos of our journey. © denkmit / Reddit
  • I have an uncommon last name and a not-too-common veryfirst name. I was in the healthcarefacility for surgicaltreatment and the individual in the next space was there for the exactsame surgicaltreatment. Come to find out that we were 2nd cousins and neverever understood that the other existed. He had the exactsame name as me and his spouse had the verysame name as my wife. © Mynameisinuse / Reddit

  • Decided to wear my ’Lucky Shirt’ for a job interview. The recruiter had the exactsame t-shirt. She stated, ’Anybody with this t-shirt has excellent taste, and is definitely workedwith.’ Best. Coincidence. Ever.
    © nattiechambers / Reddit
  • I am an attorney. I met with a client pursuing specialneeds advantages. Very ill and really considerate. She had an open-and-shut case, to the point I even recommended that she file on her own so she might prevent paying me anything.
    “You puton’t understand my maiden name, it’s (‘Ms. Smith’), you represented my brother 2 years back. You organized for members of the neighborhood to rebuild his home. If I end up paying $10,000 it would not be enough to cover what you haveactually done for my family.”
    I was thinking about stopping what I hadactually done, simply the day previously. © FootHillsLawyer / Reddit
  • I w

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