A Dream Home in Portland

A Dream Home in Portland

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Interview with Jessica Hansen
Photography by Madeline Tolle

Jessica Hansen, creator of Tandem Design, understood the minute she stepped into this 1961 home in Portland, Oregon, that it was indicated to be hers.

Tell us about Tandem Design:
We are a little, full-service company focusing on interior remodels. We partner with our customers, numerous of whom are imaginative in their own best, on both their individual homes and distinct workplace areas. Our specialized is habitable interiors that push style borders with the objective of offering endedup results that match the dynamism of the customers themselves.

Interior of living room

What did your journey to interior designer appearance like?
I was a closet stylist for lotsof years and enjoyed my task, however the needed travel took a toll, particularly after I endedupbeing a momsanddad. Interior style began as a side hustle that I might do closer to home while still utilizing my imaginative capabilities. Over the last years, there’s been a shift towards more interior tasks and less styling tasks. Now I’m nearly solely focused on Tandem Design. My twenty-five-year-old self would neverever have envisioned it, however this 2nd profession hasactually permitted me to have a real work-life balance so I can have time for both household and goodfriends. It hasactually been such a present.

What type of tasks resonate with you?
I’m most drewin to jobs that change not just areas however likewise the method individuals live and work within them. We have several customers who reach out months or even years lateron to state how grateful they are. Being able to modification individuals’s daily lives feels extremely rewarding.

How rapidly did you understand the Portland home was your home?
I understood this was definitely my home the minute I strolled in. It’s 4,700 square feet on a 0.3-acre lot with views of Mount St. Helens. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 and a half baths with a walkout basement. It wasn’t going to be readilyavailable to us for a year, though, so I invested 6 months looking for other homes to get my household settled quicker. But absolutelynothing else compared to its prospective or area. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Interior of kitchen

What was working in the home, and what did you rightaway understand you’d modification?
The home is positioned on a hillside that had currently been terraced and had stunning, developed landscaping with a sensational view. But inside, it was apart into a lot of little spaces that were all extremely dark. I understood I desired to link the primary living areas, reconfigure the main bath, and, most notably, flood the home with light. My group and I ended up gutting it and eliminating the walls from the primary flooring.

What would you thinkabout to be the center of your home? How did this notify your style options?
The center of alotof

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