Accountable Sourcing for Retailers and Their Suppliers

Accountable Sourcing for Retailers and Their Suppliers

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Date/Time: June 27, 2024 (11AM-12PM ET / 8-9AM PT)

Responsible sourcing is endingupbeing a main focus for merchants as a method to enhance their appeal to customers while resolving expectations from financiers and regulators. This consistsof de-linking their supply chains from logging, natural community conversion, and human rights abuses. Yet merchants and other product purchasers frequently sit far from where food and forest items stem, making it moredifficult to accomplish accountable supply chains.

This webcast will focus on how sellers and their providers can conquer the obstacles presented by long and complex supply chains to accomplish accountable sourcing utilizing the Accountability Framework. It will likewise share concrete examples of how business can style accountable sourcing approaches and put their policies into practice throughout their whole services.

Speakers will talkabout how business can:

  • Determine which item classifications and supply chains to focuson
  • Integrate business functions to

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