The Feral Hogs Guy Was Right: Pic of MASSIVE Hog Gets Twitter Talking

The Feral Hogs Guy Was Right: Pic of MASSIVE Hog Gets Twitter Talking

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So imagine our shock when we learned that feral hogs, when they breed with domestic hogs, can get huge. Like, massive.

This is what happens when domestic hogs interbreed with wild hogs . The get larger each generation.

— PatriotRider (@centx_diesel) February 24, 2024

And we’ve written about how mean and nasty they can be in the past. Like the family in Texas who got attacked in their own home, and the possible invasion of wild ‘super pigs’ that threaten to invade from the Canadian side of the border.

Every day, the ’30-50 feral hogs’ guy is vindicated.

Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?

— Willie McNabb 🐗 (@WillieMcNabb) August 4, 2019

And for a hog so massive it gets moved with a bulldozer, you’re gonna need the big guns.

Wild hogs in the U.S. all started as domestic hogs. Hogs go feral in 1 or 2 generations in the wild complete with bore growing tusks

— Kenneth Dias (@Kenneth19567057) February 24, 2024



— Wisconsin’s Conservative Sponge (@wiz_political) February 24, 2024

Yeah, that’s what we said.

That’s why you need ar15s and helicopters for hunting

— James (@TheN1James) February 24, 2024

We call this a good start.

That’s going to take one really big smoker.

— Other Brother Darrell 🇮🇱 (@d_pitz) February 24, 2024

And make lots of yummy barbecue.

Everybody bring a dish to pass.

“Name one thing you need an AR15 and a 30 round magazine for.”

This, right here. I’m not positive an AR15 would do the job on one of these big boys, it may not be enough.

— Bishop (@fbeeyeguy1) February 25, 2024


It might not be enough.

Tell me again how a civilian has no use for a rocket launcher

— Phil Labonte, Talent Terrorist (@philthatremains) February 25, 2024

You can make a good case for it. Look at the size of that thing.

30-50 hogs guy is the reigning champ of “guy who was twitters main character of the day but has become only more valid as time passes”

— Actually_Tina_Mentor_Mode_FFXIV (@Actually_Tina) February 25, 2024

That’s what we said.

The feral hogs guy like every single day

— Three Gator Mike (@M_Lynx_3000) February 25, 2024

Major vindication.

We must kill the 1500 lb hogs, so our children don’t have to fight the 15,000 lb hogs.

— Spike Cohen (@RealSpikeCohen) February 25, 2024

Who had 1500 lb hogs on their 2024 bingo card? Come collect your winnings.

We’re gonna end up with giant pigs as our continent’s megafauna, aren’t we

— Abraham Ash (@Historycourses) February 25, 2024

We, for one, welcome our new porcine overlords.

now imagine 30-50 of these on your lawn

— Zach Heltzel (@zachheltzel) February 24, 2024

And the damage they’d do to everything and everyone on your property.

And they wonder why people need 30 acorn magazines.

— G (@stevensongs) February 25, 2024

If you don’t get the acorn reference, a recap is here.

Mfw when 30-50 of these bad boys cross the property line

— may jolnar (@May_Jolnar) February 25, 2024

Laughed out loud at this.

The vast majority of urbanites simply have no idea just how monstrously big these bastards get. Kill ’em all, quick.

— Jeff Blehar is *BOX OFFICE POISON(@EsotericCD) February 25, 2024

They have no idea. None, whatsoever.

I wonder if we’re doing natural selection by killing off the slower weaker hogs and creating bigger faster more bullet resistant hogs

— Fossil Locator (@FossilLocator) February 25, 2024

To quote Ian Malcolm: ‘Life finds a way.’

the year is 2124 and wild 20,000 lbs hogs are roaming the earth. humanity is on the edge of collapse. the age of men is over. the time of the giant hog has come.

— batu (@qtomris) February 25, 2024

On the upside, the cost of bacon will go down significantly.

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