Which is muchbetter — ChatGPT or a travel representative? Here’s our choice

Which is muchbetter — ChatGPT or a travel representative? Here’s our choice

Planning a vacation can be demanding — that’s where travel representatives come in.

But now, tourists have another choice: chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard AI and Microsoft Bing. Simply input a timely and watch the travel suggestions put in. The finest parts? It’s instant and, for the most part, complimentary.

But which is muchbetter when it comes to preparation trips?

Intrepid Travel, a little group travel company, accepted CNBC Travel’s demand to discover out.

CNBC asked both sides to strategy a two-day journey for 4 pals, all in their mid-20s, to Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s how they fared.

Where to stay in Melbourne

The ask: Recommend 3 locations to stay in Melbourne that have a swimmingpool and healthclub, are near Swanston Street, and that are priced less than $500 a night.

Right off the bat, there was a rather glaring mistake with ChatGPT: All 3 suggestions were no longer in service. If that wasn’t adequate, some of the locations didnothave both a swimmingpool and a healthclub, and one was over the budgetplan.

Intrepid Travel, on the other hand, offered alternatives that came with either a swimmingpool or a fitnesscenter, or both. The business likewise acknowledged that those features were not needs however extra advantages.

The winner: Intrepid Travel

Where to consume

The ask: Provide dining alternatives for breakfast, lunch, supper and post-dinner beverages for 2 days.

Again, ChatGPT hadahardtime. The recommended diningestablishment on the veryfirst day, a location called Fatto Bar & Cantina, hadactually been closed for years.

Apart from that, a fast Google search of the other locations revealed that they were (thankfully) still in operation. Those were, to me, on the moresecure end, with recommended areas appearing on anumberof “must-visit” diningestablishment lists for Melbourne.

Conversely, I felt that Intrepid Travel recommended locations that were more specificniche and agent of Melbourne’s special culture. 

It is worth keepinginmind that both Intrepid Travel and ChatGPT proposed breakfast at Hardware Société, a popular breakfast area with places in Paris and Barcelona too.

The winner: Intrepid Travel

What to do

The ask: Provide a two-day travelplan around Melbourne with a focus

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