France’s reactionary leader Le Pen concerns Macron’s function as army chief

France’s reactionary leader Le Pen concerns Macron’s function as army chief

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Marine Le Pen stated it is the PM, not the president, who ‘pulls the strings’ when it comes to military choice making.

Published On 27 Jun 2024

With simply 3 days to go upuntil France’s landmark legal elections, the nation’s reactionary leader hasactually raised the uneasy problem of who would be in charge of the military if her celebration takes over the federalgovernment after the two-round tally.

The early elections are plunging France into uncharted area, and political researchers are rushing to analyze how precisely President Emmanuel Macron and a prime minister who is hostile to most of his policies would share power if Marine Le Pen’s National Rally wins the bulk in the National Assembly, France’s lower home of parliament.

Le Pen has consistently stated that Jordan Bardella, her protegee and her celebration’s star leader, would lead France’s next federalgovernment if their progressively popular celebration wins.

In an interview, she recommended that Bardella, at simply 28 and with no governing experience, would likewise take over at least some choices on France’s defence and armed forces.

Macron has 3 years to serve out his last term as president.

Serving as commander-in-chief of the equipped forces “is an honorary title for the president giventhat it’s the prime minister who really pulls the strings”, Le Pen stated in an interview with Le Telegramme paper released Thursday.

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French far-right leader Marine Le Pen showsup at the National Rally celebration headoffice, Monday, June 10, 2024, in Paris [Thomas Padilla/AP Photo]

Political friction over foreign policy

The French Constitution states that “the President of the Republic is the head of the equipped forces” and likewise “chairs the councils and greater committees of nationwide defence.”

However, the Constitution likewise specifies that “the prime minister is accountable for nationwide defence.”

Constitutional professionals have stated the precise function of the prime minister in foreign policy and defence appears to be subject to analysis.

It is a concern with worldwide implications consideringthat France has nuclear weapons, and its soldiers and military perso

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