Israeli attacks not assisting Gaza talks, Netanyahu producing challenges: Hamas

Israeli attacks not assisting Gaza talks, Netanyahu producing challenges: Hamas

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Hamas implicates the Israeli leader of blocking settlements for a truce and captive release as arbitrators onceagain push for a offer.

Published On 8 Jul 2024

Hamas states intensifying Israeli attacks throughout the Gaza Strip are not assisting settlements to end the war and hasactually implicated Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of developing challenges to the talks.

In a declaration on Monday, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh alerted that the “catastrophic repercussions of what is occurring in Gaza” might “reset the settlement procedure to square one”.

Netanyahu and his army will bear “full duty for the collapse of this course”, Hamas pricedestimate Haniyeh as stating.

The declaration stated Haniyeh made “urgent contact” with conciliators Qatar and Egypt over the broadening actions of the Israeli military, which released additional evacuation orders for locations in the areas of Gaza City, displacing thousands of Palestinians, lotsof of whom haveactually been required to relocation several times.

On Sunday, Israel’s military purchased “immediate” evacuation for the Tuffah, Daraj and the Old City areas of Gaza City in the north.

In a different declaration, Hamas implicated Netanyahu of intensifying “his hostility and criminaloffenses versus our individuals” in what it stated were “attempts to byforce displace them in order to wardoff all efforts to reach an contract”.

Al Jazeera’s Hind Khoudary, reporting from Deir el-Balah in main Gaza, stated the Palestinians hadactually been purchased to leave to the centre of the Gaza Strip regardlessof the location currently being “overwhelmed” with big numbers of displaced Palestinians from all over the enclave.

Most of the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza haveactually been displaced, with hundreds of thousands jam-packed into sweltering campingtent camps.

Evacuation orders Gaza
Displaced Palestinians trip past the debris of ruined structures in Khan Younis in Gaza [Bashar Taleb/AFP]

Khoudary stated she had spoken to Palestinians who chose not to leave, as there was “no safe location to go”. She stated they did not “want to lose their self-respect being displaced in makeshift camps and not being able to get gainaccessto to food [and] water”.

The Israeli forces have likewise assaulted campingtent camps realestate displaced Palestinians. On June 8, Israeli f

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