The real reason for Ukraine invasion by Putin-Why India is still not raising voice against Russia – Which country can be better mediator in Ukraine Russia war?

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The real reason for Ukraine invasion by Putin: To know that let us try to comprehend the Putin’s guile and vital making arrangements for enslaving even best of companions. First we want to check out at the arrangement of Russia towards its most amicable nation Belarus.

Belarus is very friendly country to Putin. It helps Russia in the war against Ukraine, by allowing Russian troops to train jointly with its military in its own country.

Putin helped Belarussian current head of state Alexander Lukashenko to withstand the protests in his country in 2020. From then Lukashenko became heavily dependent on Putin. No none would imagine that Putin had a cunning plan about Belarus.

The real reason for Ukraine invasion by Putin: To know that let us try to comprehend the Putin’s guile and vital making arrangements for enslaving even best of companions. First we want to check out at the arrangement of Russia towards its most amicable nation Belarus. Belarus is very friendly country to Putin. It helps…

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The real reason for Ukraine invasion:

Internal strategy paper from Moscow

An internal strategy paper from the Russian government obtained by German news outlets confirms Putin’s plans to take over Belarus. Why? It is part of a Great Plan by Putin. Putin wants to create a “Greater Russia” and the first step is take over Belarus; the most disturbing shame part in this is the way Putin planned to treat this friend. That could be his character disguised so far.

The real reason for Ukraine invasion: When friend and foe are similar to Russian presdient what can neighbours like Ukraine expect or avoid. He works on his plan. What is his plan? We continue thinking about Belarus. The slow and steady takeover of the neighbouring country Belarus should be expected to happen gradually, as the Tagesschau reports. According to Western security experts, the paper is said to be authentic. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ head of state, recently visited Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The mood beforehand was tense because Lukashenko repeatedly reacted defiantly to Putin in the past. The strategy paper shows the plans for the Russian takeover of Belarus. It is expected that this will be done through political, economic and military means and should be completed by 2030 at the latest, according to the 17-page strategy paper. The goal is a so-called “Union State”. Although the idea of a union state formed by Russia and Belarus has existed since 1999, up until now a mutual agreement has been the prerequisite. However, the new strategy paper presents a takeover with no regard of Belarus’ interests or mutual agreement. According to the information in the strategy paper, this takeover is intended to secure Russian dominance in Belarus and thus create a buffer zone against NATO. Western influence in Belarus is to be pushed back and posts in Belarus are to be taken by Russian elites.Belarusian political scientist and historian Valery Karbalevich said, “Russia’s aim is to turn Belarus into a puppet, to tie it so closely to itself that Belarus will remain in the sphere of geopolitical control under any government or president, even after Lukashenko’s departure Russia would remain.” Western intelligence agencies say the strategy paper is part of a larger plan by Russia – namely to create a so-called “Greater Russia”. To achieve that, Russia wants to expand its influence on its neighboring countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Putin hopes to do this politically, militarily, socially and economically. The strategy paper divides Russia’s goals into short-term goals up to 2022, medium-term goals up to 2025 and long-term goals up to 2030. To implement these plans, Moscow established the Cross-Border Cooperation Directorate five years ago. Its purpose is to implement plans to increase Russia’s influence and control over its neighboring countries. Belarus is already heavily dependent on Russia. Russian troops have been on Belarusian soil since the end of 2022 and the two states are testing joint warfare. Ukraine invasion was a pretext for Russian armed forces occupation in Belarus. Somehow, Russia kept Belarus to be economically dependent on Russia. Western sanctions meant that the economic link between these two countries was strengthened but affecting both at the same time.

Belarus people blasted with Russian Media propaganda

Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, the Russian view of the “warmongering West”, as the Tagesschau describes it, has been spreading, especially in the media in Belarus.

Belarusian Language is displaced with Russian Language

The strong influence of Russia can also be found in other areas: Lukashenko himself is campaigning for the displacement of the Belarusian language.

In City tours speaking own language was punished

A city tour in Belarus conducted in the Belarusian language is already being punished with an arrest.

Putin planned that Belarusian government would transact business in Russian by 2030

This is in the favor of Putin, who, according to the strategy paper, wants to replace the Belarusian language in government offices with Russian by 2030.

Although Lukashenko did whatever Putin asked for, still, the relationship between Lukashenko and Putin remains tense. Western intelligence services report that there is not a great deal of trust between the two rulers. In Putin’s plan there will be no Lukashenko. Therefore, Lukashenko should have little interest in implementing the plans in the Russian strategy paper.

Now based on the above report and attitude of Russian President there is no surprise in the attack on Ukraine. For Belarus Russia created situation for having a weak President who is not liked by people and thereby it slowly taking control of the country.

The real reason for Ukraine invasion: For Ukraine unfortunately the same strategy was not possible. Russians as they did it in many other countries, tried with some russian seperatists forces to take over the country. But during his presidency, former President of Ukraine of 2014 to 2019 – Petro Poroshenko led Ukraine through the first phase of the War in Donbas, pushing the Russian separatist forces into the Donbas Region. He began the process of integration with the European Union by signing the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement.

With a strong democractic foundation Ukraine chose its 6th President in Volodymyr Zelenskyy, considered an outsider till he announced his candidacy. He was vowing for unity between the Ukrainian and Russian speaking parts of the country’s population. During his presidential campaign, Zelenskyy promised to end Ukraine’s protracted conflict with Russia, and he has attempted to engage in dialogue with Russian president Vladimir Putin. But His administration faced an escalation of tensions with Russia in 2021

In 2019 elections, Volodymyr Zelenskiy rode a protest vote to victory in Ukraine, telling his supporters he would jail corrupt politicians and negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin to end Russia’s war in east Ukraine.

But Putin as we discussed about Belarus earlier in this article, has a habit of making his own plans for taking over countries under the pretext of Greater Russia. His mind is set on history of 1991.He Still regards the Soviet Union disintegration as a weak leader Gorbachev’s surrender to the bullying tactics of US. Negotiating with Putin by Zelensky had of little use. Putin wants to take over countries by cunning tactics, or by brute force or by extending some military assistance to control his own creation of separatist forces. Under pressure from Putin pursuing his own plan, Zelenskiy has undergone a profound political transformation. One thing was clear: he was no longer the same dove that he was on the campaign trail. Russia was really pushing Ukraine toward Nato, Zelensky was saying.

Therefore, the world is facing a choice of, back to history before 1991 of iron corridor (or may be go back to King George’s time as Putin quoted several times), or to continue with the current independent flourish of economies of former states of Soviet Union. Putin’s atrocities against Chechnya and Georgia were not condemned to the extent it deserved. “Putin’s ability to radiate menace, without raising his voice, was striking. But so was the laughter of his audience. Despite the violence of his Russian government – as demonstrated in Chechnya and Georgia – western opinion-formers were still inclined to treat him as a pantomime villain.”, according to one witness of Putin in his place. Putin’s words and PR exercises are sweater to hear and see, but his plans and actions are bitter to the entire world. He is the dictator par-excellence who through his false propaganda and by denial of press freedom, still can make his country and even the neighbouring country Belarus and parts of Donbas region and Crimea believe that he is not aggressor but the one who is defending.

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