Vote on tentative agreement with General Motors too close to call as more tallies are reported

Vote on tentative agreement with General Motors too close to call as more tallies are reported

DETROIT — Voting on a tentative agreement contract inbetween General Motors and the United Auto Workers union that ended a six-week strike versus the business appears too close to call after the newest tallies at numerous GM factories were revealed Wednesday.

The union hasn’t published last vote amountsto yet, however employees at anumberof big factories who endedup ballot in the past coupleof days have turned down the 4- year-and-eight-month offer by relatively big margins. However, a factory in Arlington, Texas, with about 5,000 employees voted more than 60% to authorize the offer in tallies revealed Wednesday.

The vote tracker on the UAW’s site Wednesday reveals the offer ahead by 958 votes. But those amountsto do not consistof votes from GM assembly plants in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Lansing Delta Township, Michigan; and a powertrain plant in Toledo, Ohio, which all voted versus the arrangement, according to regional union authorities.

In most cases the vote tallies varied from 55% to around 60% versus the agreement.

But in Arlington the vote was 63% in favor with 60.4% of production employees authorizing the offer and almost 65% of knowledgeable trades employees ballot in favor, making the tally tight with GM ballot to wrap up on Thursday.

Spokesmen for both the union and General Motors decreased remark while the ballot continues.

It wasn’t clear what would takeplace next, however regional union authorities puton’t anticipate an instant walkout if the agreement is voted down.

Voting continues at Ford through early Saturday, where the offer is passing with 66.1% ballot in favor so far with just a coupleof big factories still counting.

The agreement was passing extremely at Jeep maker Stellantis, where ballot continues upuntil Tuesday. The union’s vote tracker on Wednesday revealed that 79.5% voted in favor with lotsof big factories yet to surface.

Workers at some smallersized GM centers have yet to vote, and last tallies are anticipated to be revealed late Thursday.


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