World leaders praise Iran’s Pezeshkian on governmental election win

World leaders praise Iran’s Pezeshkian on governmental election win

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Masoud Pezeshkian, who hasactually vowed to open Iran to the world, decisively won a run-off and will endupbeing the nation’s ninth chosen president.

The sole moderate prospect in the race got 53.7 percent of the votes, or 16.3m of the more than 30 million tallies cast. His competitor Saeed Jalili got 44.3 percent, or 13.5m.

On Saturday, Pezeshkian acknowledged “the challenging course ahead”, however extended a hand to all Iranians. “I extend my hand towards you and swear on my honour that I will not leave you alone on this course. Don’t leave me alone.”

World leaders praised Pezeshkian on his triumph.


President Vladimir Putin praised Pezeshkian and stated he hoped it would contribute to Russia-Iran relations.

“I hope that your period as president will contribute to a support of positive bilateral cooperation inbetween our friendly individuals,” Putin stated.

Before the election, Putin satisfied with the interim Iranian President Mohammad Mokhber on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Russia and Iran haveactually been workingout a thorough bilateral cooperation arrangement, according to Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saudi Arabia 

King Salman and the crown prince praised Pezeshkian, state news company SPA reported.

“I affirm my eagerness on establishing and deepening the relations inbetween our nations and individuals and serve our shared interests,” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated.

In March 2023, Iran and Saudi Arabia concurred to re-establish diplomatic relations in a China-brokered offer after years of stress. They have because increased routine contact in an effort to reinforce relations.


President Ilham Aliyev invited Pezeshkian’s electoral success and stated Azerbaijan positioned “great significance” on relations with Iran.

“I am positive that through our joint efforts, we will guarantee evenmore reinforcing of the conventional friendly relations and the growth of equally advantageous cooperation inbetween Azerbaijan and Iran in line with the interests of our individuals and nations,” Aliyev stated, as he welcomed Pezeshkian to see.

Iran’s election was setup for 2025 however was held early after President Ebrahim Raisi passedaway in a helicopter crash in a mountainous location of the Iranian-Azerbaijan border on May 19 after a conference with Aliyev to inaugurate a joint dam job.


Foreign Minister Yvan Gil praised Iran for its “commitment showed to democracy” throughout the 2 rounds of the governmental vote.

“Venezuela reveals its conviction that the choice made by the Iranian individuals will contribute to the success of this country, as well as its debtconsolidation as an emerging power in the nascent multipolar world,” Gil’s declaration read.

Pezeshkian will have the “absolute assistance” of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his federalgovernment with the objective of broadening relations and continuing to defeat “the hegemonic pretensions that threaten

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