Americans have purchased more than 40,000 vehicles made in China so far this year

Americans have purchased more than 40,000 vehicles made in China so far this year

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For years now carmanufacturers, politicians and automobile lovers alike haveactually been ranting about how Chinese carmanufacturers are coming to messup our nation and the automobile market as a entire. While we have yet to see any Chinese business getin the U.S. market and start selling carsandtrucks here, a handful of existing brandnames haveactually been silently selling vehicles developed in China to (probably some) unexpecting Americans. So far in 2024, more than 40,000 made-in-China automobiles were offered in the U.S., and that number oughtto just keep growing.

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The second-generation Lincoln Nautilus was mainly developed and established with the Chinese market in mind, however giventhat going on sale in the U.S. in early 2024 it has rapidly endedupbeing the brandname’s verypopular automobile. 17,504 Nautiluses were offered in the veryfirst half of the year, a 41.7-percent boost over the exactsame time duration in 2023 and pounding the brandname’s next best-seller, the Corsair, by around 5,000 systems. Lincoln moved 8,273 Nautiluses in Q2, 20.8 percent more than Q2 last year.

Buick’s Envision SUV was the veryfirst China-built automobile to be offered in the U.S. when it hit dealerships in2015 Now in its 2nd generation (and with a much more appealing style), the Envision continues to be developed in China for American intake. Buick offered 21,860 Envisions in the veryfirst half of the year, a decline of practically 21 percent that’s mostlikely due to the design’s current facelift.

Thanks to momsanddad business Geely, the U.S. hasactually gotten made-in-China Volvos for more than half a years now. Currently the just one left is the S90 sedan, which has neverever been much of a strong seller. Volvo doesn’t break out sales of the S90, rather integrating with the V90 wagon that’s constructed in Sweden, and simply 808 of the 90 series were offered in the veryfirst half of the year.

Also under the Geely umbrella, the China-built Polestar 2 hasactually been on sale in the U.S. giventhat2020 Polestar’s sales are method down this year throughout the world, with just 3,301 systems of the Polestar 2 provided through the veryfirst half of the year in America. Going on sale lateron this year will be the Polestar 4, which will likewise be constructed in China before production begins in South Korea next year.

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