Peace is my toppriority

Peace is my toppriority

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We chat to Katherine Hay, a mom, medical nutritionalexpert, the creator of Honest Health Co and proud ANTA member.

When and why did you veryfirst choose to researchstudy natural treatments?  

I began studying Naturopathy back in 2008 duetothefactthat I liked understanding how the human body operated and how natural medication might offer such favorable health results for individuals. I ended up endingup my degree in a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine. I love how the body needs nutrients to function and how we can execute this in medical practice to see customers accomplish their health objectives with holistic interventions.

What are some of the advantages you delightin from your ANTA subscription?

It is amazing to have gainaccessto to resources to assistance my center, my continued education and to keep up to date with the market. I love having gainaccessto to webinars on subjects I am interested in, up to date researchstudy when it emerges and to understand I have support and assistance with ANTA within my scientific practice.

 In the last 5 years, what brand-new belief or practice has most enhanced your life?

I have really been focusing on my psychological wellness. I start the day with little possible objectives to set myself up for a calm anxious system throughout the day. I integrate protein within my breakfast, some type of motion every day, no social media in my bedroom and coffee constantly after breakfast. This has a circulation on impact within my center and being a mom – my mantra this year is “peace is my toppriority”.

 What are 3 things we can do to assistance our worried systems in times of tension?

I constantly ask my customers what brings them happiness and we make their response a focus point for a day-to-day practice that can assistance them when in demanding minutes. Breathing strategies are really helpful and can assistance promote the vagus nerve to bring the body back into parasympathetic worried system activation which is our “rest and absorb” anxious system.

Another idea is to neverever beverage coffee on an empty stomach due to the boost in cortisol and how that can manifest as tension throughout the

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