Truth Premiere: Waterbaby – Spiral

Truth Premiere: Waterbaby – Spiral

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Waterbaby conjure an fictional circus through magical VHS video for their track ‘Spiral’.

For the recording of their launching album, 22º Halo, enigmatic South London sibling act Waterbaby changed the Peckham flat that they share into both a studio and a continuous movie set. “While producing the album and all its accompanying videos, we turned our attic flat into a makeshift movie set and slept in it for 365 days,” they describe. “For ‘Spiral’, We produced an fictional circus where the artist swings to and from truth on a thread, clashed by the internal battle of the introvert vs. the efficiency, the phenomenon vs. its production, and backstage vs. the spotlight.”

Combining saturated VHS video, mystical images and digital processing, the duo haveactually manifested their elaborate electronic pop mix of folk ballads, choral music and kosmische as splashes of vibrant colour and pixellated grain. ‘Spiral’ sets the majestic stomp of a 4AD-indebted soundscape with peals of ethereal vocals that are equivalent parts Eartheater and Elizabeth Fraser, placing Waterbaby in that fertile overlap inbetween speculative electronicdevices and melodramatic singing pop expressionism.

The sis’s particular visual is broadened with No Subject Magazine, an speculative art publication produced by Waterbaby that looksat chosen stills from their video works, recreations of lyrics from their tunes, initial photography and graphic style. Like a misshaped transmission from someplace out of time, Waterbaby serve as our avenues, lightning rods for pop music and art of a more magical range.

‘Spiral’ is out now and is

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