From local Australia to the canals of Venice, virtual truth is assisting aged care homeowners travel the world

Virtual truth innovation is dealingwith the seclusion of aged care homeowners by transferring them to unique places anywhere in the world. Princes Court Homes in Mildura hasactually released a virtual truth (VR) safetyglasses experience that allows residents to experience African wildlife safaris, takepleasurein the sights of Paris or even swim with dolphins. An iPad controls the VR […]

As Australia relocations on with COVID, thousands of deaths are takingplace ‘out of sight and out of mind’

They’re recognized as the Silent Generation: Australia’s elders frequently have a trackrecord for copping difficult knocks on the chin without problem – however they’re likewise amongst our most susceptible. Key points:While the COVID death rate in aged care has considerably reduced in 2022, the number of overall deaths hasactually increased exponentiallyAdvocates state not enough individuals are mindful of […]