Enticing senior residents back into the kitchenarea, inthemiddleof increasing grocery costs

Janice Bickerton is convenient with a spatula but, at her age, it hasactually endedupbeing a bit too tedious cooking for one all the time. Key points:Aged care employees are worried senior people are losing the motivation to cook healthy meals Living alone and the increasing expense of groceries are amongst some of the driving elements One Hervey Bay […]

Senior medicalprofessional informs Newmarch House COVID-19 inquest of his ‘crisis day’ as the breakout unfolded

A senior medicalprofessional working on the frontline of one of the nation’s initially lethal COVID breakouts has informed a coronial inquest that aged care citizens needto haveactually been sentout to medicalfacility. Key points: 19 homeowners passedaway throughout the COVID-19 breakout at Newmarch House A three-week inquest into the situations surrounding the deaths has concluded, with findings due […]