Catherina is turning 111 years old and still strikes the fitnesscenter up to 3 times a week

A South Australian woman who is believed to be Australia’s oldest living person will celebrate her 111th birthday this week. Key points:Catherina van der Linden will celebrate her 111th birthday this weekendMrs van der Linden is believed to be Australia’s oldest living personShe credits her longevity to her active lifestyleCatherina van der Linden’s family received…

Homeowners appearance at turning Eden aged care center into realestate

Eden locals have backed an concept to resume an empty aged care house under neighborhood ownership to assistance ease the realestate crisis.  Key points:Up to 100 residents wentto a public conference in Eden to goover the future of Nullica LodgeMost were encouraging of the concept to transfer the lease to a neighborhood organisation Locals likewise saw the […]

Turning medication on its head, physicians show on a year of voluntary assisted passingaway in WA

For the last year, Angela Cooney hasactually been doing the opposite of what medicalprofessionals are usually trained to do – she hasactually been assisting individuals end their lives. Key points:The take-up of WA’s VAD plan hasactually been larger than expectedIt hasactually been accessed by individuals from all strolls of lifeTheir average age hasactually been 73 […]