A$AP Rocky Headed To Trial For First-Degree Assault As Video Of Incident Goes Viral

A$AP Rocky Headed To Trial For First-Degree Assault As Video Of Incident Goes Viral

A$AP Rocky is home for the vacations, however he’s been purchased to return to court in January.

On Monday (Nov. 20), a Los Angeles judge ruled there was enough proof to assistance 2 counts of attack with a gun, per Business Insider. The charges stem from an event on Nov. 6, 2021, inbetween Rocky and his previous buddy, Terell Ephron — understood as A$AP Relli. Rocky is implicated of shooting shots at Relli throughout a dispute.

Officials apprehended A$AP Rocky in April 2022 in connection to the case. Police apprehended him at the Los Angeles International Airport after he landed from a Barbados journey with his sweetheart Rihanna. At the time, they supposedly robbed the couple’s LA home for proof. Rocky ultimately paid the $550,000 bond and hasactually been out waitingfor the next actions. Last November, he was charged.

On Thursday, Judge M.L. Villar set his arraignment date for January 8.

What A$AP Relli Testified About Incident With Rocky

Relli justrecently took the stand throughout a initial hearing and affirmed to being youth goodfriends with Rocky. However, their relationship soured over the years, which Relli blamed on Rocky endingupbeing “big-headed” after finding solo success, per PEOPLE.

Then in Oct. 2021, a shared goodfriend of theirs passedaway, and Rocky apparently guaranteed to pay for the funeralservice costs. His legalrepresentative, Joe Tacopina, has stated Rocky did pay in complete, however Relli relatively didn’t think the rapartist. Relli cut the relationship after he presumably heard Rocky badmouthing him on the phone to another pal.

Then, Relli ran into Rocky and 2 other buddies on Hollywood Boulevard on Nov. 6. Prosecutors haveactually revealed video in court that reveals A$AP Rocky strolling towards Relli before pushing him — a minute Relli affirmed about.

“He got me on my collar. He was shaking me. I attempted to push him off, get his hands off,” Relli stated. “That’s when [Rocky] pulled a weapon from his w

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