All brand-new beasts in Lethal Company v55

All brand-new beasts in Lethal Company v55

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Lethal Company‘s v55 is a smallersized upgrade than themajorityof, however its brand-new beasts pack a hell of a punch to any staffmembers unconcerned to their nature.

The upgrade welcomes 2 brand-new opponents into the fold, bringing back the unidentified and tough setting of moving scrap from the Facility and into the Dropship. Here is whatever you requirement to understand about the brand-new Lethal Company beasts for Version 55.

Lethal Company v55 – All brand-new entities, in-depth

Lethal Company v55 includes two entities. One is an outside opponent, while the other entity stays inside the Facility’s walls. Unlike the Masked Mimic, neither opponent can rearrange into its particular location. The brand-new outside opponents signsupwith the Tulip Snake, appearing on moons with prospering plant life, and without a set time for its look.

Just like other Facility beasts, the recently included Barber generates the muchdeeper you go into the labyrinth-y structure, with differing generate possibilities depending on the moon you checkout. Here is a rundown of the Kidnapper Fox (Bush Wolf) and Barber (Clay Surgeon).

Kidnapper Fox

Overhead view of the Kidnapper Fox in Lethal Company
A unusual abomination. Screenshot bymeansof TheViperian (YouTube)

The veryfirst opponent is the Kidnapper Fox, or Bush Wolf in Lethal Company‘s Bestiary. This is a unusual Fox-like animal with a flat look, twisted head, and Frog-like attacks. The Kidnapper Fox will conceal inside the v55’s brand-new plant life—the Vain Shroud. This weed looks like a spiky red bush. Multiple Kidnapper Foxes can generate if numerous Vain Shroud grow together, appearing in a largely inhabited location of the map. The Fox will conceal inside the bush, waiting for its minute to strike.

You can battle off the Kidnapper Fox by striking its tongue with a weapon (if you get got). The Fox will relocation in a sideways pattern to prevent your strikes and typically retreat to the Vain Shroud to abduct onceagain. You can eliminate the Kidnapper Fox with 7 Shovel strikes.


A front shot of the Barber/ Clay Surgeon in Lethal Company
The sight you see before death. Screenshot through TheViperian (YouTube)

The Barber is noticeable just within close distance of you. It performs a little dive in your instructions ev

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