Brown Bear and Wolf Team Up to Attack Moose and Calf in Shocking Video

Brown Bear and Wolf Team Up to Attack Moose and Calf in Shocking Video

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In a unusual minute of cooperation inbetween predators, a bear and wolf haveactually been found teaming up to attack a mom moose and her young calf.

A video caught by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve reveals a brown bear lunging for the adult moose, while a wolf goesafter after the mom’s calf.

“Prey and predators clash in this path cam clip recorded by remote cam near Gustavus in Glacier Bay National Park throughout an ADF&G wolf predation researchstudy,” ADF&G, Southeast Alaska stated in a Facebook post, sharing the video. “Witness the extreme minute when victim and predators come inperson in this clip! This electroniccamera was completely located along a popular animal travel passage, offering us a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s drama.”

bear wold attack
Trail-cam still of the mom moose protecting her calf (right) from the bear and wolf (left). Commenters have published that this appears to be a uncommon minute of cooperation inbetween predators. ADF&G, Southeast Alaska

Both brown bears and wolves are frequently discovered throughout Alaska. There are idea to be inbetween 7,000 and 11,000 wolves in the state, according to the ADF&G, and they typically live in loads of 20 to 30 with a strong social hierarchy. The wolves’ main food source is moose, however they likewise hunt and consume other animals, consistingof sheep, squirrels, snowshoe hares, and beavers.

Unlike wolves, brown bears—which consistof grizzly bears—are normally singular, living and searching alone, otherthan for when women are accompanied by their cubs. There are around 30,000 of these bears in the state, making up 98 percent of the U.S. population, and more than 70 percent of the North American population. These bears are omnivorous, consuming greenery and berries, as well as salmon and bigger victim like moose.

In the remarks, some published that the 2 predators were working together. “Dang. Bears and wolves working together??,” one commenter composed. “It does appearance collaborated … however difficult to understand for sure,” the ADF&G responded.

moose and calf
Still of the mom moose and her calf. “The bear was definitely conscious of the wolf; the wolf was definitely mindful of the bear,” a wildlife expert stated. ADF&a

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