Brush Prairie, WA Author Publishes Short Story Collection

Brush Prairie, WA Author Publishes Short Story Collection

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Memorable Life Adventures, a brand-new book by Al O’Connor, hasactually been launched by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Memorable Life Adventures is a collection of autobiographical brief stories that offer peeks into the boyhood to the present life of Al O’Connor. A enthusiast of the outdoors, he has had a enthusiasm for fishing, searching, and treking from a young age. In addition, it is about a life well-lived where daily happenings are seen as experiences typically filled with humor. Many journeys are prepared, however frequently they drift from the course in unanticipated methods that are even muchbetter than were initially planned. Hopefully, O’Connor’s own stories will influence others to reminisce about their own life in the spirit of experience.

About the Author
Al O’Connor is a member of anumberof searching and fishing groups that supporter saving, protecting, and boosting wildlife and their environments. He is likewise a member of a group that focuses on preserving farmlands. His pastimes consistof searching, fishing

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