How Japan Deals with Obnoxious Slam Dunk Tourists

How Japan Deals with Obnoxious Slam Dunk Tourists

How Japan Deals with Obnoxious Slam Dunk Tourists

by Danica Davidson February 8, 2024

Overall Japan likes getting tourist for its anime and manga, however that doesn’t mean that some travelers can’t be frustrating. A train crossing in Kanagawa, Kamakura, Japan is a significant traveler stop for fans of Slam Dunk, and over the years some travelers haveactually been understood to cause issues there, like getting into the roadway where it’s not safe, or parking unlawfully. Not to reference the examples of littering and trespassing. The Kamakura Municipal Government chose it required to do something about this.

It began in 2017 with hiring a security guard to hang out in the location throughout the days on weekends and vacations. In fall 2023, a security guard was likewise put there throughout the day on weekdays. The guards understand how to state “Don’t stay on the roadway!” and other crucial English sentences relating to their work. Now there’s an active authorities box normally in the location, and authorities vehicles are understood to patrol to make sure absolutelynothing is awry. In addition to this, in 2 months there will be 2 security guards together in the location 24/7.

“The number of travelers goingto hasn’t altered, however as we haveactually interacted the guidelines verbally, our issues haveactually been getting through,” said an authorities from the Kanagawa metropolitan preparation department.

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