The Beatles last song

Photo Credit: The Beatles “Now And Then”

Beginning in 1978 as a John Lennon demonstration tape, the lastly recognized ‘Now and Then’ hasactually been explained as the Beatles’ last tune. But might there be more to come, surprise in the vaults?

The recently launched, headline-grabbing “final” Beatles tune, “Now and Then,” hasactually raised as lotsof concerns as it hasactually respondedto about the Fab Four and what may haveactually been. Stemming from a demonstration taped by John Lennon in 1978, the tune went through numerous actions throughout the years before the innovation madeitpossiblefor the seclusion of Lennon’s vocals to produce something release-worthy. But that pleads the concern if there may be other Beatles recording bits that director Peter Jackson’s noise innovation might turn into a real release from the band.

During his work on “The Beatles: Get Back,” his legendary documentary function, Jackson developed the audio innovation that Paul McCartney would lateron contact him about for a unique task. In July 2022, Jackson states McCartney called him about the demonstration recording of “Now and Then,” which Yoko Ono had talented him in 1994.

The 3 staying Beatles had tried to turn it into a real Beatles recording in 1995 throughout their Anthology sessions. However, separating Lennon’s vocals from the sounds of his New York house in the initial 19