Is the future of trucking electrical? We drove the VNR Electric to discover out.

Is the future of trucking electrical? We drove the VNR Electric to discover out.

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Trucking is crucial to keeping the nation running efficiently. From the tanker truck pulling into the gas station to refill the fuel storage tanks as another truck showsup to restock the cooled cases with your preferred drinks, to the moving truck providing your personalbelongings to your brand-new home and the huge box shop truck dropping off a fresh supply of product–72 percent of the items we takein are provided by a truck.

With how numerous millions of miles trucks travel throughout the nation everyyear, though, there’s the concern of diesel fuel particles including to general air contamination. According to the Clean Air Task Force, the worst diesel contamination in the U.S. is in Los Angeles along Interstate 5 at 0.726 micrograms per cubic meter. Logistics business haveactually been looking for greener options to alleviate their contributions, with hydrogen and battery electrical power striking the roadway over the past coupleof years. 

One business, Golden State Foods of Irvine, California, hasactually discovered a service for its Quality Custom Distribution (QCD) department with Volvo Trucks North America’s first-ever Class 8 EV, the VNR Electric.

“You gotta appearance at a lot of elements when leaping into [fleet electrification], however veryfirst and primary [are] our sustainability objectives,” stated QCD Group Vice President of Operations, Shane Blanchette. “Our objective is web absolutelyno emissions by 2050 […] the quicker you begin, the muchbetter in terms of knowing and making the shift […] Volvo brought us this chance; we’re a excellent usage case, offered our operating design. We attempted out the veryfirst [VNR Electric], actually liked it. It made sense to continue down this course to findout more and grow this side of our fleet.”

QCD embraced the Volvo VNR Electric in April of 2021, purchasing 14 day-cab systems with financing assistance bymeansof a grant granted to Volvo Financial Services from the California-based Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee. This was followed in 2022 with the addition of 30 more VNR Electrics signingupwith the more than 700 QCD trucks on “last-mile” shipment to diningestablishment places in Southern California.

“The motorists truly like [the VNR Electric],” stated Blanchette. “We weren’t actually sure how they would be affected, however they like the smooth trip. They’re absolutely quieter […] In terms of the upkeep, that was in line with expectations: we anticipated it to be a lot lower. The just piece that we are seeing is on the drive tires. They do tend to wear out a little bit quicker, offered the weight of the car.”

The future of trucking starts in Virginia’s New River Valley

Southwest Virginia is the home of Volvo Trucks North America. Located in Dublin, Virginia, the 1.6-million sq.-ft. center constructs every Volvo truck offered in North America, consistingof the VNR Electric. PopSci was the veryfirst to checkout the center giventhat it closed the center to the public in 2020 throughout the pandemic. For this see, we got a look at the capacity future of trucking with the business’s veryfirst Class 8 EV.

two images: people working on a motor and a factory floor
L: A Volvo VNR electrical frame gets its electrical motor and transmission. R: Inside the Volvo Trucks North America Dublin plant. Images: Volvo Trucks North America

“Sustainability is at the leadingedge of every choice that Volvo Trucks makes,” stated Volvo Trucks Public Relations Manager, Kyle Zimmerman. “Volvo Trucks sees Battery Electric as one important course towards decarbonizing transport […] We stay dedicated to the three-pillar technique of BEV, FCEV, and ICE all working together to decarbonize transport throughout various task cycles and applications”

Volvo Trucks North America revealed the VNR Electric in December2018 It debuted togetherwith the Volvo LIGHTS Project, a “public personal collaboration to gain understanding of what it would take to advertise Class 8 BEVs,” according to Zimmerman. The veryfirst VNR Electric rolled out of Dublin in 2020, with over 270 examples in both box (a freight box installed straight onto the frame) and fifth-wheel (a center on the frame where a trailer links to the truck) setups carryingout regional and local haulage to-date. And there’s more to come from the New River Valley, consistingof hydrogen-powered Class 8s.

“In addition to Battery Electric,” stated Zimmerman, “we see that Fuel Cell (with Hydrogen) is another course which will be more fit for the long-haul application, heavy responsibility haul

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