Joe Budden Roasts Travis Scott & Playboi Carti’s ‘Bozo’ Grammy Set

Joe Budden Roasts Travis Scott & Playboi Carti’s ‘Bozo’ Grammy Set

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Joe Budden Travis Scott & Playboi Carti’s Bozo Behavior … Was Beneath Grammys!!!

2/8/2024 10: 29 AM PT

The Joe Budden Podcast

Joe Budden believes Travis Scott and Playboi Carti stunk it up at the Grammys huge time — ’cause their rock star shtick stoppedworking to read the space … and made ’em appear like brats.

ICYMY, Travis and Carti carriedout their dynamite collab “FE!N” mid-show — total with the rager-style, flame infernos that made his ‘Circus Maximus’ trip such a huge offer. They were tossing around chairs and smashing things onstage … mainly Travis .


Some may argue it provided the Grammys a little style when the space can be understood to be a bit stuffy — however there are numerous who feel like TS was lashing out for losing at the program after Killer Mike swept all the Rap Grammys this year, leaving his “Utopia” album in the dust.

Regardless of the factor for the tempertantrum, JB doesn’t wanna hear any of it … on his episode “Business Decisions,” he argued that Trav and Carti were absolutelynothing however a set of “bozos” who made fools of themselves in the existence of gorgeous ladies and buttoned-up guys.

He likewise roasted Carti like a marshmallow for striking the phase in a mask and then questioning why fans didn’t go insane … “Playboi Carti looked puzzled. Like, ‘Y’all puton’t understand who I am?’ No, nYou got a fing mask on! Who the fare you under there? You are not at SXSW anylonger!!!”

Joe included, “We can’t acknowledge you jackass by the equipping mask you’re using. I hate these n, male … all of ’em!!!”

Both Travis and Carti were exposed without the “little white kids” going apesin the crowd,  Joe argues — stating their act was muchbetter fit for the muddy stomping ground

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