Kate Beckinsale knocks critics calling her too ‘thin’ after health scare: ‘I am attempting to endure’

Kate Beckinsale knocks critics calling her too ‘thin’ after health scare: ‘I am attempting to endure’

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Kate Beckinsale blasted critics informing her she’s too “thin” following her current health scare.

The starlet was required to stand up for herself after giants flooded the remark area of an Instagram clip proving her preparations for her upcoming 1990s-based movie, “Stolen Girl.”

The video revealed Beckinsale puttingon a multitude of retro-styled fits and hairdos while goofing around in her trailer.

The “Vacancy” star called out critics informing her she was too “thin” in her mostcurrent Instagram video. katebeckinsale/Instagram
In the video, she shownoff her figure in a series of ’90s fits for her upcoming movie, “Stolen Girl.” katebeckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale, 50, explained her on-set experience as a “redo” of the ’90s as she remembered the days she utilized to cut her own hair, wear her sibling’s pajamas, live in her Dr. Martens and over-apply clear powder.

While the “Underworld” star appeared delighted to be back at work after her weeks-long healthcenter remain, haters rapidly provided their viewpoint about her look.

“Sorry to state this Kate, however you do look a bit thin,” one individual composed. “You constantly striked a excellent balance … But when your cheekbones start to reveal, the balance is lost … 😢 😢.”

Following her six-week medicalfacility remain, Beckinsale appeared delighted to be at work as she goofed around in her trailer. katebeckinsale/Instagram
However, haters were fast to bring the starlet down. katebeckinsale/Instagram

Beckinsale clapped back at the critic, composing, “I nursed my [stepdad] to his death early this year. My mum likewise has things going on. I am changing to viewing 2 daddies passaway, one when I was 5, one in January of this year.”

In January, the “Vacancy” star lost her stepfather Roy Battersby after a short healthproblem. She likewise found her daddy Richard Beckinsale’s body after he passedaway from a heart attack when she was a kid.

“I lost my soulmate feline of nearly 19 years, likewise last year,” she continued. “I invested 6 weeks in healthcarefacility due to copiously throwingup blood from a [Mallory-Weiss tear] triggered by the tension of a entire year ripping a hole inbetween my [esophagus] an

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