My Fiancé Had No Shame for Cheating on Me and Still Expected Me to Keep His Baby

My Fiancé Had No Shame for Cheating on Me and Still Expected Me to Keep His Baby

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Beneath their façade of a perfect relationship lay a heart-wrenching betrayal that shattered her world. This is the story of how one lady browsed through heartbreak, deceit, and the difficulties of an unexpected pregnancy.

She unfolded her story.

I’m not sure how to begin. Recently, my fiancé exposed he’d been unfaithful on me for over a year. We’ve been together for a total of 7 years.

When he confessed, he also stated he didn’t desire to continue our relationship, which shattered me. We were high school sweeties, so it hurt even more that he had his brand-new sweetheart with him when he told me. It felt rude that he brought her into the home we bought together.

As it was approaching, I planned to share the news of my pregnancy with him on his birthday. He always dreamed of having a big household, preferably with at least 5 kids. While I didn’t desire to have kids, I wasn’t opposed to the concept either.

The minute he ended our relationship, I knew I didn’t desire to continue with the pregnancy. I couldn’t envision co-parenting or raising a child alone. Despite having a stable task, I understand some might see my decision as selfish, however my well-being had to come .

I told him I was pregnant when he broke up with me. His response revealed a hint of regret or something. He told me he was fine with split custody, however I didn’t respond.

A few days lateron, I decided to have an abortion. I thought it was crucial to be honest with him and not offer incorrect hope, as I had no desire to see or speak to him onceagain. When I texted him about my decision, he called me, questioning my decision and revealing frustration: “Why would you do that??” He argued that I understood he wanted kids and needto haveactually talkedabout it earlier.

I feel clashed about my choice. However, the believed of giving birth and total having his child makes me unhappy. I barely like kids and the believed of having one with somebody who broke my heart is not assisting. I’m sensation like a bad individual now. He’s the just one to know about the abortion however not the pregnancy.

People used their sincere assistance.

  • “You have the right to choose what takesplace to your body. Your sensations are legitimate. Don’t let him control you. Your choice was about your future and wellness. Focus on healing and moving forward.” Flirty_Abby / Reddit
  • “I admire individuals like you. Often individuals get psychological and keep the pregnancy dealingwith the co-parenting problem with an ex-spouse permanently. You puton’t shouldhave this. Hope you grow strong and dream you the finest of luck.” Hot_Broccoli3501 / Reddit
  • “Pregnancy and birth is not a walk in the park, specifically in your situations. Please puton’t let him make you feel guilty. If he hadn’t cheated on you, you would still be together and beginning a family together. He is the one who messed this entire thing up.” CrabbiestAsp / Reddit

  • “He had no say. He cheated on you and left you! And didn’t even have the decency to do it one on one. You did what was finest for you. If he wants a family he can get his sweetheart pregna

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