Nokia company provides subsea tech for Equinor’s oil job

Nokia company provides subsea tech for Equinor’s oil job

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November 3, 2023, by Nadja Skopljak

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), part of Nokia, hasactually provided subsea control cabletelevision facilities for an Equinor-operated field justrecently brought on stream.

Source: Equinor

ASN hasactually provided, setup, and pre-commissioned DC/FO subsea control cabletelevision facilities, which supplies high electrical power and fiber connection to subsea production systems, for the Breidablikk advancement.

Equinor has consequently incorporated the DC/FO service with the topside production system and with subsea designtemplates consistingof wells heads. The end-to-end subsea commissioning of subsea control was finished and the DC/FO system went into operation for production.

According to ASN, the DC/FO service carriedout on Breidablikk is based on standardized items, permitting to enhance shipment schedule and lower engineering expenses and threats.

The service, co-developed and certified with Equinor, is released on anumberof Equinor fields.

“We are happy to work in close cooperation with Equinor on DC/FO tasks. Our knowledge on submarine telecommunication systems and development abilities will enable Equinor and the rest of the market to make offshore operations more effective and more reputable,” stated Alain Biston, President of ASN.

“Breidablikk success offers us the chance to show that DC/FO is now a fullygrown innovation which fulfills secret oil & gas business present requirements.”

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Equinor reported on October 20 that it had brought on stream the Breidablikk field 4 months ahead of schedule.

The advancement consistsof 22 subsea wells drilled from 4 designtemplates. Pipelines and cabletelevisions haveactually been setup inbetween the subsea center and the Grane platform, which hasactually been customized to get the well stream. The oil from Breidablikk is processed on Grane and sentout ashore by pipeline to the Sture terminal in Øygarden.

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