Olathe, KS Author Publishes Suspense Novel

Olathe, KS Author Publishes Suspense Novel

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The Last Hope, a new book by Kenzie Lee, has been released by RoseDog Books.

Their whole world is a lie. Hope and her sister, Celeste, have spent their lives believing that Mistbrooke was the last city with life on Earth. At least, that’s what the Agency, Mistbrooke’s ruling body, told its citizens. The Agency claimed that after a brutal contagion plagued the planet, Mistbrooke was the only city that adapted to the infection fast enough. Nobody had any reason to doubt the Agency’s word. Until now.

It all started when a strange man rampaged the streets after curfew, screaming of corruption and misdeeds he had uncovered. Of course, the Agency shut this down quickly. The event was thought of as nothing more than a mistaken civilian shouting nonsense. But, after a strange encounter, Hope realized there may have been some truth in what the man had said.

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