Publishers Sue Google over Pirate Sites 

Publishers Sue Google over Pirate Sites 

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Publishers Sue Google over Pirate Sites 

I was simply having a discussion about a current study about audiobook usage that had a quite shocking fact: 47% of participants report getting an audiobook through a file-sharing service or YouTube. And that advised me that I haveactually heard about ebook piracy in sometime And speaking of YouTube, you understand who owns YouTube? And guess who now is getting takenlegalactionagainst by a group of publishers for being in cahoots with file-sharing/pirate websites? Google. Apparently publishers haveactually sentout “tens of thousands” of violation notifications to no little or no obtain. It’s not even that Google lists these websites–it’s that these websites run advertisements through Google for their pirate websites! No one ever stated pirates were abashed I think, however that is actually something. 

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