Republicans Are Putting Democracy on Life Support

Republicans Are Putting Democracy on Life Support

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On Inside the Hive, host Brian Stelter goesover the Republican Party’s antidemocracy trajectory with Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard teachers and coauthors of the brand-new book Tyranny of the Minority. The authors, who cautioned of backsliding in their well-known 2018 book, How Democracies Die, address Donald Trump and his GOP allies’ rejection to accept the 2020 election results, the violence of January 6, and continuous hazards.

“When you puton’t have a tranquil shift of power, an uncontested shift of power, that oughtto truly set off alarm bells, since most democracies, completely combined democracies, puton’t have difficulty with that kind of thing,” states Ziblatt. 

“There needto be something,” Ziblatt includes. “This is not simply a blip. This is not simply a kind

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