‘Station 19’: How ABC Firefighter Drama Series Wraps Up 7-Season Run

‘Station 19’: How ABC Firefighter Drama Series Wraps Up 7-Season Run

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SPOILER ALERT: The following exposes significant plot points from ABC‘s Station 19 series ending.

After 7 seasons, the time has lastly come to state bye-bye to Seattle’s hardest-working firemens on ABC’s Station 19. As they state, all great things should come to an end. But, thanks to some presents left behind in the ending by showrunners Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack and the authors, fans can broaden on the firemens’ stories well beyond tonight.

The episode entitled “One Last Time” continues the story from last week’s episode as Station 19 is fighting a raving wildfire targeting Seattle. Everyone is in threat however they’re keeping cool heads and working together to secure anybody else from getting injured. In a especially extreme scene, the group has to take cover when a firestorm threatens everybody’s lives rapidly. They get under aluminum fire shelters that they pull over themselves like a blanket. The foil made them appearance like TELEVISION suppers, which is the finest method I can explain it.

While they were tucked into their foil like baked potatoes, lotsof of the group focused on the gorgeous futures they might have if they simply hold on a little longer. Although managed in a completely various method, those minutes felt comparable to how Six Feet Under notoriously ended its run with a appearance at how everybody’s lives turned out.


They were all incredibly unique however we have to call out Vic’s (Barrett Doss) flash forward. In her vision, she is speaking to a crowd while on phase with a big smile on her face as she thanked her audience for participatingin. Earlier in the episode, she exposed she was moving to Washington D.C. to head up Crisis One on a nationwide level.

Crisis One was established by Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan) in action to the growing number of events including cops that was moneyed by a claim he won versus the cops for wrongful arrest. Miller regretfully passedaway while on task in Season 5, taking the trick that he was in love with Vic, his goodfriend who assisted raise his child Pru.

Back to Vic’s quickly forward, she is on phase speaking about the program and there’s a poster in the back that checksout: Crisis One Founder, Dean Miller, with a big image of him. To Vic’s surprise, Dean strolls out of the poster—yes, it’s truly Onaodowan making a cameo look!—and informs Vic, “You did it, Hughes. Proud of you.” They share a sweet smile and side-by-side as they appearance at the audience, filled with numerous of their pals, and silently commemorate their minute in the spotlight together…if just for a short minute in time. Crisis One is their infant.

In another touching minute, Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) sees himself opening up a center to aid veterans endedupbeing firemens he called Sankofa, a word that suggests go back and get what you forgot in the Akan language of Ghana.


As they return to the present time, whatever has primarily cleared and they are lastly safe. However, Captain Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) is missingouton. Without a 2nd believed, Beckett (Josh Randall) informs the group he is the just one who has no household and has noone waiting at home as he runs off as quick as he can to find Andy. I’d like to provide a huge shout-out to Beckett who had a rocky course to the top. Since dedicating to his sobriety, he enabled himself to be liked and invited correctly into the 19 household. Anyone can call fall, however it takes tough work to get back up and stay there.

In his quick forward, he’s complete of pleasure, playing tennis with a love interest, Ross’ sis, Jinny (Yunkin Kim). Sullivan and Ross, their challengers, are peeved that the love birds can’t focus on the videogame. Back in truth, Beckett discovers Herrera as she’s strolling back with assistance. The Native neighborhood they linked with in the penultimate episode brought their regional fire department to help with the fire.

Beckett rapidly understands his group hadn’t left him to face threat alone. They had his back. The fire is lastly under control however then Herrera collapses. Her efforts exposed her to all sorts of things consistingof extreme smoke inhalation. She is hurried to the healthcarefacility.

While in the fire truck, the group looks used out and solemn. Vic looks at her finest pal Travis (Jay Hayden) and informs him how much she’s going to missouton this location. He states he will missouton her however won’t be signingupwith her in D.C., “I can’t. I simply can’t. My life is here,” he informs her with tears in his eyes.

Upon arrival at Grey Sloan, Maya (Danielle Savre) is reunited with her betterhalf Carina who exposes she’s pregnant. A better couple might definitely not be discovered for miles.


Andy has her flash-forward minute while unconscious at the healthcenter and what you’ll see is a big surprise! Andy and Jack (Grey Damon), the OG couple of the series, reunite. Jack getsin her dream and asks, “We actually messed it up, didn’t we?” They accept and share a enthusiastic kiss as if no time had passed at all. He was constantly the one.

When Andy lastly wakes up in the genuine world, Jack is right next to her bedside holding her hand. The rest of the group was likewise there and they had so numerous concerns for her, and yes, she madeitthrough.

The program avoids 3 months ahead to Vic’s going away celebration. Everyone spoils her and brings her all of her favorites, consistingof her ex Theo (Carlos Miranda) who is still recuperating from his mishap and is

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