Stunna Girl Speaks Out After Footage Goes Viral Of Altercation Sparked By A Man Touching Her Inappropriately (Videos)

Stunna Girl Speaks Out After Footage Goes Viral Of Altercation Sparked By A Man Touching Her Inappropriately (Videos)

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Stunna Girl is speaking out after videofootage went viral of an run-in that was triggered by a guy touching her wrongly.

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Here’s What Stunna Girl Said

On Monday, April 29, Instagram user @livebitez shared video from what appeared to be a current Instagram Live of the rapartist’s. In the clip, Stunna Girl informed fans that she isn’t a “snitch.”

From there, she discussed that on the contrary, the male who attacked her hadactually taken to social media to speak about the run-in.

“So in truth, I truly might have him in prison right now for sexual attack. But I ain’t even put bruh in prison,” she described. “And, um, not just that [but] he went on the web, he DMed me like 50 times, popping it. Like, ‘Yeah bh, I did this, I did that.’ He published it. He published captions, acting difficult, stating what he did… Like, you can’t be a gangster, pervert, rat. Like, you gotta choice one.”

The rapartist discussed that she has the “upper hand in whatever.” Additionally, Stunna Girl appeared to indicate that she isn’t concerned about her and her team dealingwith legal effects for the run-in.

“You touched me, it’s on video, you confessed it…” she continued. “You puton’t got a case friend. You simply got your abeat quite much and you understand, thankfully… you understand, I got concepts, I’m from the hood [and] I stick by the code.”

As the clip continued, the rapartist discussed why she chuckled after the male touched her behind. She discussed that she “knew it was gonna do down.”

Furthermore, the rapartist protected how her otherhalf went about presumably putting his hands on the male.

Watch the complete clip listedbelow.

Social Media Continues Weighing In

Social media users responded to Stunna Girl’s remarks on the viral event in The Shade Room’s remark area.

Instagram user @kai_uhh composed, Nothing to address, he shouldn’t have touched her.”

While Instagram user @s.nashay included,He was dead incorrect for getting her like that. that is not a strip club 😭VERTISEMENT”

Instagram user @dj_phantom1074 composed, Your partner is your legal veryfirst line of defense as a

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