Suwanee, GA Author Publishes Historical Fiction Novel

Suwanee, GA Author Publishes Historical Fiction Novel

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From Place to Place: The Journey of Survival of a Teenager During the Holocaust, a brand-new book by Bernardo Szwarcbart, hasactually been launched by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Maurice is a young Jewish kid who unbelievely makesitthrough the German persecution in his escape from Nazi occupied Belgium all the method to his arrival in Brazil after World War II. This notlikely survival is filled with lotsof hazards. It is based on the fantastic life of the author’s daddy and based on researchstudy on the Holocaust, stories his dad informed him, and some innovative liberties where there was a absence of details in a coupleof circumstances.

Anti-semitism and Holocaust rejection are endingupbeing an progressively typical issue in the world today. This book yearns to program that bigotry and persecution must not win, that there is hope even in the darkest times and hardest difficulties, and that the overall annihilation of the Jewish individuals, and the other individuals targeted by Nazi genocide, oughtto neverever be tried onceagain.

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Bernardo Szwarcbart established a p

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