T+ Limited Sales! Explore the Diverse Senses of Moming Kombucha

T+ Limited Sales! Explore the Diverse Senses of Moming Kombucha

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We are delighted to reveal the unique launch of Moming Kombucha, now offered for a restricted time through That’s PLUS Limited Sales!

Designed for the active and fascinating souls, Moming Kombucha is more than simply a drink—it’s a event of fermentation and the unrelenting pursuit of charming tastes.

Crafted by a Master of Fermentation

Marcia Xiao, co-owner of the Asia 50 Best Bar Hope & Sesame, is the visionary behind Moming Kombucha.

With years of commitment and experience in the art of fermentation, Marcia hasactually carriedout many workshops and occasions throughout the nation, sharing her enthusiasm and know-how.

Although kombucha is a stylish beverage in Europe and the United States, it stays fairly unidentified in China.

Marcia, who hasactually treasured this wonderful drink consideringthat youth, is on a objective to present its abundant, hundred-year history and scrumptious taste to a morecomprehensive audience.


A Beverage for the Refined Palate

Moming kombucha is diligently crafted for those who value the finer things in life.

Made with just the greatest quality, inyourarea sourc

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