TikTok’s Developing a New AI Chatbot Called Genie

TikTok’s Developing a New AI Chatbot Called Genie

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With the AI race heating up, TikTok looks like it’s preparing to launch its own AI chatbot to Western users, based on a current filing in the U.S.

According to Semafor, TikTok has lookedfor to hallmark the name “Genie” for its coming AI chatbot tool, which would allow users to posture concerns in-stream, and get instant actions, amongst other functions.

As per Semafor:

In May in the UnitedStates, the viral video app submitted to hallmark the name “Genie” for an AI chatbot softwareapplication that will, amongst other functions, imitate discussions, helpwith interaction and interaction inbetween people and AI, and produce human-like speech and text.”

So TikTok’s looking to make it more of a center for its AI performances, with the chatbot basically linking users to various components of the app.

TikTok’s really been establishing its AI chatbot for some time, with users in the Philippines getting gainaccessto to its “Tako” chatbot tool in May last year.

TikTok Tako AI chatbot

Though Tako, according to TikTok, is just created to guide users to other videos in the app, not to response more complex inquiries.

TikTok’s next-generation chatbot would apparently be a more robust offering, incorporating all of TikTok’s numerous AI components into one stream.

Which would likewise consistof its generative AI search function, which is now offered in Douyin, the Chinese variation of the app, and makesitpossiblefor users to makethemostof discovery both inside and outside the app.

As reported by Pandaily (in Decmeber 23):

The ‘AI Search’ function is situated within the search userinterface of the Douyin app, alongwith other search services such as items, group purchasing, users, and videos. Users just requirement to input appropriate concerns or details in ‘AI Search’ to get responses created by smart search innovation.”

TikTok’s upgraded chatbot would apparently integrate this broadened search performance, along with TikTok’s developing AI functions, which likewise now consistof the capability to construct your own virtual humanbeings that can live-stream within the app.

TikTok avatars

Another component, as suggested by Semafor, might be TikTok’s “StreamVoice” system, which can replicate a individual’s voice, based on just a coupleof utterances, while TikTok’s likewise establishing AI music generation processes and text-to-video production tools as well, and all of these might apparently be incorporated into an broadened chatbot offering, making it much mucheasier for TikTok users to discover these different performances.

So while Meta hasactually pressed its AI chatbot out to all of its apps, supplying a brand-new method to tap into its AI tools, TikTok would basically be following the verysame plan, though I suspect that TikTok’s tool will be more

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