Ushering in the Year of the Dragon at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Ushering in the Year of the Dragon at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

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Indulge in the Lunar New Year celebrations with Four Seasons


Embracing the advantageous Year of the Dragon, the city is decorated with joyful couplets and litup streets, radiating a dynamic environment of renewal. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing cordially welcomes visitors to takepart in the Lunar New Year celebrations along the Liangma River. From the resplendent lights of the Blue Harbour to the unique New Year’s afternoon tea in the lobby lounge, and from the stunning red lanterns adorning the Drum Tower to the reunion banquet at Cai Yi Xuan, signupwith with treasured ones to bask in the fine-tuned beauty of the Spring Festival events.                                                                                                                                             

Lunar New Year Reunion

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in design with Cai Yi Xuan’s unique and premium epicurean thrills. The well-known cooking group provides a banquet of Cantonese specials to communicate wholehearted trueblessings for a household reunion.

  • CNY 1,888 per individual
  • Cai Yi Xuan +86 (10)56958520 Level 2

Traditional Poon Choi

Welcome the New Year in luxury by indulging in the essence of conventional Cantonese flavours. The meticul

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