Vietnamese Travel & Tourism Set for a Record 2024

Vietnamese Travel & Tourism Set for a Record 2024

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The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 2024 Economic Impact Research (EIR) reported that Vietnam’s Travel & Tourism sector is projection to inject a record đ770.8TN into the nationwide economy this year.

According to the mostcurrent researchstudy, Travel & Tourism’s contribution to the economy will rise 13% ahead of 2019 levels, accounting for over 7% of Vietnam’s general economy.

Jobs supported by Travel & Tourism are forecasted to grow 6% to reach 5.96MN, to account for one in 9 tasks throughout the nation.

While domestic tourists are anticipated to invest a record đ434.7TN this year – 20% above 2019, global visitor costs is anticipated to stay 4.2% behind 2019 to reach đ264.8TN.

Julia Simpson, WTTC Pcitizen & CEO, stated; “Vietnam’s excellent Travel & Tourism healing showcases the sector’s strength and possible, driving financial development and producing millions of tasks throughout the nation. 

“Our information reveals th

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